Amphis, Classrooms, Seminar Rooms and Conference Room

Our faculty has several teaching facilities to meet the needs of various courses and departments. In addition to the two amphis, our faculty has a 450-seat conference hall, several large classrooms, seminar rooms, multipurpose rooms and computer centers.

Prep School

For all the departments in our faculty, English language preparation class has been made mandatory since 2008-2009 academic year. Preparatory class training is given at Prep School within the university. In addition, foreign language courses are also available in the faculty curriculum. Moreover, in 1992-1993 academic year, by a change made in faculty curriculum, language courses covering the departmental terminology have been given as electives.


The library of Faculty of Political Science is an important library in Turkey specialized especially in the field of social sciences. There are 108000 Turkish and foreign language books in the areas related to the education and training given in our faculty. The number of books has been increasing every day by purchases at home and abroad, and by donations.

Our library has domestic and overseas periodicals and newspaper collections of historical value. Our collection has reached to 46000 volumes. Today, a total of 197 issues of scientific journals, 90 of which is from abroad, arriving every day. Also, ten daily newspapers, five of which in Turkish and the other five in a foreign language, are made available at the upper floor of our library in "Hande Mumcu Reading Room". The 5 mentioned daily Turkish newspapers are also added to our collection immediately after their arrival.

For those who want to study in our library, there is a modern 300-seat reading room. In order to follow periodicals and daily newspapers, there is "Hande Mumcu Reading Room". In addition, there is "Ali Cankaya Room" containing a variety of economic reports and statistical information on tape and CD-ROMs.

New books and periodicals are cataloged on a regular basis, and cataloged information is transferred to the computer system. Researchers can access to any publication by using card indexes, or computers located in our library. Our catalog information is also available through the internet which makes it possible to access information from anywhere in the world.

In our fully computerized library, along with our resident library personnel, students can also contribute part-time to our library services.

Printing Possibilities and Book Sales

Along with the Journal of Political Science (SBF Dergisi) which has been published four times a year since 1943, the textbooks and monographs published by our faculty members are made available to our students in the faculty bookstore at discounted prices.

Computer Facilities

Our faculty has approximately 300 personal computers (PC) and two servers equipped with advanced hardware.  PCs use Windows operating system, and the servers use the UNIX platform. Our Students can learn how to use computers and browse internet in our three Computer Centers. Department offices are also equipped with large number of PC. In addition to these hardware, in order to promote the use of computers, our faculty organizes two months long programs which are open to the public.

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